Unicorn Connector

Unicorn Connector

Connectors love meeting new people and finding ways to help others grow by connecting them with others.

You will generate long-term revenue by simply connecting with people and introducing them to Unicorn Universe.

By connecting us with amazing people, we'll connect them to solutions that help their business grow.

Anytime we generate revenue from a connection you send us, you, as the connector, will get paid!

Connectors get paid a minimum of 10% of all revenue generated to Unicorn Universe from the connections you send us.

The Unicorn Connector App makes it easy to make introductions to Unicorn Universe.
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You may start making introductions right away using the app.
However, if you'd like to become an Official Unicorn Connector with access to training, in-depth details about opportunities, invitations to events, and connect with other Unicorns...
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The Unicorn Connector Show is our podcast where we talk all about Revenue, Relationships, and Referrals.

This is a great way for you to learn tips to be a better connector, networker, and understand some of the opportunities we have for you to make money!

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