Unicorn Events

Where Unicorns come together to make magic.

Our Next Big Event Is Coming Soon!

Join the Unicorns this Summer, for an unforgettable Summit focused on Impact, Influence, Investment and FUN!.


Pot of Gold Events

Where the magic happens!

Decision makers collaborate to develop new opportunities, make deals, and strategize to find each others’ Golden Connection.

Meet. Collaborate. Strategize. Take Action.

Unicorn Magic Gatherings

These exclusive events bring unicorns together to strengthen our connections in a powerful setting.

Meet with fellow Unicorns to connect on a deeper, personal level. Find new opportunities. 

And most importantly, have fun!

Want to join one today? Register for our Friday Unicorn Connection Event – the most MAGICAL Zoom call of the week!

Unicorn Party

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Making connections that create exponential opportunities is a core of what we do at Unicorn Universe

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Climbing the Rainbow

Ready to Create Strategic Alliances with Other Unicorns
$ 997/Month
  • Access to an Exclusive Unicorn Community
  • Strategic Alliance Opportunities
  • Access to the Pot of Gold Events
  • Exclusive Access to Our Discord Server
  • Tools and Resources for Creating Succesful Strategic Alliances

Top of the Rainbow

Super Charge your Rainbow and Find that Golden Connection
$ 2497/month
  • Everything in Climbing the Rainbow
  • We work directly with you to create impactful alliances
  • We facilitate finding the right partners to connect you with
  • Access to private Top of the Rainbow Groups