We create exponential opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners, and inventors through Golden Connections.

We create exponential opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners, and inventors through Golden Connections.

We Believe . . .

A single connection can change your life!

Whether in your business or personal life, our goal is to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams. We make connections between like-minded “Unicorns” who want to make a positive impact on the world and collaborate to help each other grow.

Our community is built on abundance and reciprocation. We connect with businesses in need of solutions, determine who is the best fit, then make a referral. When revenue is generated, we get paid for the referral and whoever sent us the referral gets paid too.

The Unicorn DNA

Unicorns are abundant, collaborative, and want to help the helpers live a lifestyle of joy.

You Have the Unicorn DNA if…

  • You’re driven to accomplish your dreams.
  • You want to collaborate to build a better future.
  • You live abundantly and look for ways to add value.
  • You are uplifting and have a positive outlook on life.
  • You want to impact the world and make a difference.
  • You look for opportunities to create joy in others’ lives.
  • You’re able to let go, have a good time, and be yourself.
  • You’re open-minded & strive for continuous development.
  • You’re naturally reciprocal…
  • You are accepting of others.
  • You value meeting new people.
  • You are creative and open to new perspectives.
  • You’re not worried about what other people think.
  • You know what you stand for and stick to your beliefs.
  • You’re honest and ethical with genuinely good intentions.
  • You surround yourself & do business with the right people.

If this sounds like you, you’re going to love being a part of the herd!

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" We Make the Unbelievable Achievable! "

-Unicorn Universe-

Your Golden Connection

A Golden Connection is a single connection that will help you the most, now and indefinitely.

A connection that can create new opportunities, solve issues, provide continuous deal flow, or much more.

Unicorn Universe helps you identify, strategize, and create Golden Connections to take your business to the next level.

" Six degrees of separation...
A very small number of people are connected to everyone else in a few small steps - the rest of us are linked to the world through those special few. "


Join Our Community

Become part of an exclusive group focused on collaborating to elevate each other’s businesses, develop new opportunities, and positively impact the world.

Finding the Rainbow

Connect & Find Unicorns to Work With
$ 99/month
  • Weekly Networking
  • Private Community
  • Referrals for your Business
  • Invitations to Magical Events
  • Unicorn Solutions Partner Invitations

Climbing the Rainbow

Create Strategic Alliances with Unicorns
$ 997/month
  • Includes Finding the Rainbow Benefits+
  • Pot of Gold (mastermind) Events
  • Find & Create Golden Connections
  • Quarterly Business Workshops / Events
  • Interactive Online Community 24/7 Chat
  • Tools & Resources for successful Alliances
Great Value

Top of the Rainbow

Your Golden Connection Concierge
$ 2497/month
  • Includes Climbing the Rainbow Benefits+
  • Facilitated Golden Connections
  • Monthly Unicorn Strategy Meeting
  • Quarterly Business Conference / Retreat

From the Universe

See what our fellow Unicorns Say about the Universe

Debe Black
Debe Black
President - Action Ignite Sales. LLC - powered by Sales Xceleration
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Attending a Top of the Rainbow event gave me the opportunity to participate in the very best that the Unicorn Universe has to offer. The moment I arrived, I found myself surrounded by some of the most impressive people I’ve ever met. Entrepreneurs from all types of businesses, some launching their first business as well as serial entrepreneurs who have launched dozens of businesses. The common thread among everyone is that they were prepared to give and get support from the community.

Like other conferences or mastermind events, there were speakers and breakout groups, but, when a group of Unicorns get together, magic happens! The community rallied around each other’s challenges and collaborated on solutions. The golden connections happened organically. Kudos to Daniel, Michael and Jonah who did a great job planning and hosting the event!

If you’re thinking about attending a Top of the Rainbow event, let me help you make your decision; it absolutely was time and money well spent.
Benjamin Call
Benjamin Call
Co-Founder and Director of Sales - Vendas AI
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“At first I was hesitant with the Unicorn Universe Event. This is because I have been to many networking events in the past. I decided to go, and I must say, it was an incredible experience. I made extremely valuable connections that are currently helping me in nearly every aspect of my businesses. Thanks unicorns!"
Susanne McDonald
Susanne McDonald
President - Wild Lotus
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"The Unicorn Universe was an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people who are looking to make a difference in this world.

I made great connections that will propel my business forward and also made life long friends."
Pro Sayasith
Pro Sayasith
Business Development Manager - BBSI
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"The Unicorn Universe event was awesome. There were some industry leaders speaking at the event that were amazing. Not to mention the partnership and experience with Jump. Can't wait to see how they top this with their next event."
Nova Hall
Nova Hall
Founder & CEO - Flying Over Time
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"Unicorn Universe is like a business incubator and major booster for growth companies, and especially top of the rainbows like my organization...all under one umbrella.

And that umbrella nurtures all kinds of unique unicorns, all unto themselves. The question is, what is that critical need that your business has to have?

With the unicorns, well, it's your golden connection. And you need to get it yesterday. The unicorns and the unicorn community have helped us DRAMATICALLY as we get ready for the 100th anniversary of the flight of grandfather's Spirit of St. Louis.

The unicorns will help you too."
Jon Pierre Francia
Jon Pierre Francia
Managing Partner - Kleen Start Global
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"I loved my experience at the top of the rainbow event in Park city. What a wonderful gathering of unique talented and accomplished people. Many of the Relationships I gained their will last a lifetime. I definitely consider it time and resources well spent. Looking forward to future unicorn universe events."
Danette Forward
Danette Forward
Alumni Growth LLC
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"Unicorn universe introduced me to a platform of professionals who's background and diversity provided the most amazing connections and new friendships. I made several golden connections that have expanded my network and given me experiences that have brought my skills to another level. I'm grateful and honored to be associated with this dynamic group of professionals."
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez
Founder - Vidit & Speaking Roses
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"Unicorn Universe has been a great place to make some phenomenal connections, the variety of contacts, different backgrounds of people and multiple industries have definitely help me to find amazing connections in which right now I currently doing business with! for sure a place to check out if you want to expand your network!"
"Our experience with Unicorn Universe and their Rainbow Roadmap has been revelatory. Daniel and Jonah were very welcoming in the introductory meeting, and Daryl’s Rainbow Roadmap sessions helped us find our MVP, finish our white paper, and develop a pitch deck we delivered to investors, to whom Daryl introduced us. I’d recommend every entrepreneur undertake the Rainbow Roadmap and let Daryl pick your business model apart. Starting a business is overwhelming, but Unicorn Universe makes it a lot less scary."
Erik White
"You've never experienced anything like this before. Becoming a part of the Unicorn Universe will change your life in ways you couldn't even begin to imagine because their network and most importantly their imagination is unmatched and they will set you on a course to change the world in ways you never thought possible. If you're a dreamer, a creator, an entrepreneur, or just want to make the world a better place, there's nowhere better to do that than within the orbit of the Unicorn Universe. So go ahead, give them a call and let them help make your wildest dreams come true!."
Pacifico Soldati

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